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Practice is key to building confidence and that is exactly what our Spanish learning programmes offer to students. Our native speaking tutors use a combination of curriculum and cultural content to practice speaking, role plays and interpersonal communication skills that are crucial for GCSE, International Baccalaureate (IB) and A-level Spanish.

Spanish for GCSE students
SPanish for GCSE Students

The GCSE programme has been designed to balance curriculum related learning as well as exposure to different aspects of the Spanish culture. The online set up has been tailored to maximise interaction time with a native speaker in order to build confidence with role plays, speaking and interpersonal communication skills that are crucial for GCSE Spanish. Whether, it’s AQA, Edexcel or IGCSE Cambridge, we tailor the programme to the relevant exam board and select the topics that require the most attention. This is then complimented by tailored topics to explore Spanish culture which will help build on the student’s vocabulary. To cap it all off, students have an option to spend time in Spain for a full immersion experience during the programme.

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Spanish for A-level students
Spanish for A-level students

This is is a key transition step into modern languages at university and we focus on building depth in different subject areas of the Spanish culture while polishing up grammar and communication skills. We use film, cultural festivals and projects with native that will build student confidence thus enabling them to defend their points of view. Just like GCSE, we create tailored full immersion programmes for A level students to learn and challenge themselves in a natural Spanish setting.

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International Baccalaureate Spanish
International Baccalaureate (IB)

We have over 8 years experience supporting students that opt for this route. We place strong emphasis on project work with native speakers as a key medium of learning that not only broadens the student’s learning experience but also allows them put into practice their language skills. Similarly, our full immersion programmes offer students the ability to experience Spanish culture in a natural setting.

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Full Immersion Spanish programme
Full immersion Spanish programmes

The full immersion programme is an exciting opportunity to learn/improve the Spanish language and experience several aspects of the Spanish culture in a natural setting. The program ensures that participants practice Spanish while taking part in every day life fun activities such as visits to the market, local shops and shopping centres and of course trying out the Mediterranean cuisine. Additionally the programme includes a variety of activities such as sports and trips that will get you closer to the locals.

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At Pepe and Tete, we believe that learning a new language should be fun and affordable while enabling people to make friends and share new cultures. Our customers believe the same too:

Fun and engaging lessons that my son looks forward to every week.
Kerry, Hersham
I am enjoying my classes with Sandra, they are well prepared and interesting and I know that I am more confident in speaking Spanish.
Moira, Weybridge
Sandra's club is very popular with the children at Burhill Primary. They love the stimulating and exciting activities she brings and they are learning all the time. Hearing children at the school speaking the Spanish they have learned is fabulous.
Sally, Headteacher