Introducing Pepito,
our friendly learning character for children & families

Our Approach

Our approach to learning languages is based on two principles; First is that learning is a never-ending process and second is that conversation is the best way to learn. So, whether it’s practicing with native speakers or role-plays, we place strong emphasis on speaking as a way of mastering a language across all ages and levels.

Specifically, for children, we have developed a 5 step learning model that combines interactive learning and real-life interactions. We use Pepito, a fun and engaging character that will bring to life various aspects of Spanish culture such as family, food and hobbies.

Pepito family

More about Pepito

Pepito is a lovely English boy who was born in Chertsey but moved to Spain at an early age. He lives in a small village in the south of Spain called Pilar de la Horadada with his mother who is Spanish and his father who is Ugandan.

Pepito loves travelling, making new friends and learning about different cultures. We use Pepito to bring to life various aspects of the lessons that make learning much more fun.

We use Pepito to make language learning more fun by bringing to life various aspects of Spanish culture such as family, food and hobbies..
Pepito in the rain
Pepito at the market
Pepito at the bakery
Pepito at the party
Pepito at Christmas
Pepito at the airport
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