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Age is no limit when it comes to learning one of the most spoken languages in the world.

A selection of services we offer...

Individual Spanish Lessons
individual spanish lessons

We provide tailored learning experiences to suit individual needs and levels. For toddlers and little children, we apply a very enjoyable way using songs and games to create a strong foundation for learning Spanish. For children already learning Spanish at school or preparing for GCSEs, we have the perfect combination of conversation and situation based lessons to help them improve and master the language. For adults and professionals seeking to start or improve their Spanish, we ensure that the learning experience is tailored to their needs with a strong emphasis on speaking and practicing real life situations.

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Group Spanish Lessons
Group spanish lessons

We do not just offer individual lessons. Our vision is that learning a language should be more interactive and affordable for everyone and that's why we have small groups for children as well as adults with a maximum of 6 per group. Our tailored (beginner, intermediate and advanced) lessons cater for all needs from advanced conversations to simply wanting to learn basic Spanish because you are going on holiday or real life situations like going to restaurants, shopping, asking for directions etc.

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Spanish School Clubs
Spanish Clubs for schools

Are you a head teacher in Surrey looking to add a Spanish club as part of your after school activities, then we have the perfect experience of bringing Spanish lessons to life in schools through pre and after school clubs, summer and half term camps. In addition, our GCSE camp is an ideal revision environment for students as tailored support is provided for key skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and any other key areas such as tenses, masculine / feminine, singular / plural etc.

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Spanish Language Exchange
Spanish Language Exchanges

If your life is too hectic for dedicated lessons or you are keen to dip your toes into a new culture, then our language exchange nights are the perfect place for you. Meet Spanish speakers, make new friends and in return share your language and culture.

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Business Spanish lessons in Surrey
Spanish for Business and professionals

Our Spanish for business and professionals courses allow employees to dip their toes into a new language / culture without a strict commitment that gets in the way of their work. Whether first thing, at lunch or after work, our company clubs bring a relaxation and fun environment to the work place.

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Spanish Immersion Programmes
Full Immersion Spanish Programmes

The full immersion programme is an exciting opportunity to learn/improve the Spanish language and experience several aspects of the Spanish culture in a natural setting. The program ensures that participants practice Spanish while taking part in every day life fun activities such as visits to the market, local shops and shopping centres and of course trying out the Mediterranean cuisine. Additionally the programme includes a variety of activities such as sports and trips that will get you closer to the locals.

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At Pepe and Tete, we believe that learning a new language should be fun and affordable while enabling people to make friends and share new cultures. Our customers believe the same too:

Fun and engaging lessons that my son looks forward to every week.
Kerry, Hersham
I am enjoying my classes with Sandra, they are well prepared and interesting and I know that I am more confident in speaking Spanish.
Moira, Weybridge
Sandra's club is very popular with the children at Burhill Primary. They love the stimulating and exciting activities she brings and they are learning all the time. Hearing children at the school speaking the Spanish they have learned is fabulous.
Sally, Headteacher